What is a Trust?

A Trust is a very simple arrangement to ensure the assets you are leaving to your loved ones are looked after properly during your lifetime (including if you lose mental capacity or go into care) and after you have died.

A Trust is created by you (The Settlor). You entrust your assets to responsible people of your choosing (The Trustees) for the benefit of your loved ones (The Beneficiaries). Your Trustees and your Beneficiaries can be, and for many of our clients are, the same people.

There are different Trusts for different scenarios:

Family Asset Trusts

What is a Family Asset Trust?
A Family Asset Trust is a way to protect the value of your Estate while you are still alive so that your loved ones can inherit as much as possible when you die.

Why set up a Family Asset Trust?

  • Ring-fence your assets during your lifetime (so, e.g., courts cannot demand you fund care costs from the sale of your property)
  • Ensure your chosen Trustees manage your assets if you lose mental capacity, not the courts
  • Enable proceeds from the sale of your house to remain protected within the Trust, and your estate to receive any interest earned should you have to go into care

"Your Family Asset Trust can protect your family for 125 years from the date it was created..."

Protective Property Trusts

  • A Protective Property Trust (PPT) severs the ownership from a Joint Tenants agreement where you and your partner own the property 100% each to an agreement where both partners own 50% each. This enables each partner to decide how and where their half of the property is distributed upon their death.
  • The PPT creates a Life Interest in the property, which means that each partner will be able to live in the propery until the end of their life.
  • Enables couples with children from former relationships to determine who would benefit from the Protective Property Trust when both partners are dead (rather than allowing the courts to do so).

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