What happens if I die without a Will?

If you die without a legally binding Will, you die intestate. This means that the law will decide who inherits your estate. Not you. Not your next of kin. The Law.

"If you die without a legally binding Will, the Law decides who will inherit your Estate..."

How will my assets be shared if I die without a Will?

Try the interactive quiz below to see how the intestacy rules will be applied. Intestacy rules do not take account of friends, certain family members, step-children or unmarried partners. These people cannot inherit your estate if you die without a legally binding Will.

Dying intestate also delays the sharing of your Estate (everything you own: property; investments; insurance; pension schemes and personal possessions including cars, jewellery, furniture and art). If there is an Inheritance Tax liability, or any debts to pay, such as your mortgage or other loans, then the courts will hold your Estate until all is paid. This causes unnecessary stress for grieving family members, who may even have to sell your family home to meet such costs.

"If you die without a Will, the courts hold your Estate until all debts, including Inheritance Tax, have been paid..."

Do I need more than a Will?

With careful Estate planning, our expert Consultants can help you ensure the right people inherit your wealth. Book an obligation free appointment now.

Why write a Will?

  • Ensure the people you want to benefit do
  • Ensure they do not have the unexpected challenge of selling your assets to pay your debts and Inheritance Tax
  • Ensure the tax on your inheritance is fair...

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