If I am married, getting married or remarried, do I need a Will?

If you are married, getting married or remarried, you need a Will. Any properties you own as joint tenants (usual for married couples) will pass upon your death to the survivor automatically and you cannot chose where your share goes and any children you have from a previous relationship may not inherit.

If I am married, getting married or remarried, what sort of a Will do I need?

Most married people opt for Mirror Wills. Mirror Wills are the perfect way to protect the Estate of a couple. You and your partner are able to specify the family and loved ones you would like to benefit from your Estate after your death.

Did you know that...

  • Your spouse does not automatically inherit all you own upon your death?
  • When you marry, any properties you own become your spouse’s upon your death if you do not have a Will; children you may have from previous relationships will not inherit?
  • It is possible to leave your spouse the right to live in the property for their lifetime (or until they remarry or move in with another partner), ultimately leaving your property to your children or other family members?

If you are married and die without a Will, the courts will use this intestacy table to decide who inherits what.

If I am married and die without a Will, how will my Estate be shared?

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