If I own a property, do I need a Will?

If you own a property, or are about to buy one, you need a Will. Property is the single biggest asset in most people's Estates. It is also their most vulnerable.

Did you know...

  • If you own a property and die without a Will, it will move through the intestacy table and could end up with someone who you do not wish to benefit?
  • If you have a mortgage on a property and die without a Will, the court may force your family from their home in order to pay off any debts and Inheritance Tax?

What happens to my property if I die without a Will?

If you die without a Will, find out how the Courts will distribute your property:

Are there other steps I need to take to protect my family home?

There are ways to protect your family, ensuring that the people you want to inherit your property do, and that your family is able to continue living in it. Our expert Consultants are able to provide personalised advice:

  • Protect those you care about when you die
  • Provide loved ones with the security they deserve
  • Specify who lives in your property and for how long

Why wait to write a Will? Start protecting your loved ones today.

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