If I'm divorced, or getting divorced, do I need a Will?

If you're getting divorced, or are divorced, you need a Will. Upon the issue of your Decree Absolute, any reference to your existing will to your spouse will be treated as if they have pre-deceased you.

What are the risks of not writing a Will if I am divorced?

Did you know that...

  • Whilst you are in the process of getting divorced, your spouse may still receive everything under the rules of intestacy, if you don't have a Will?
  • If you are still Joint Tenants on your property deeds, regardless of what you write in your Will, the property will pass directly to your former spouse?
  • If you are Tenants in Common, your property will pass to the named beneficiaries on your Will?
  • Without any guidance within your Will regarding your preferred Guardians for your children, should your former spouse become unable to care for them, there would be little indication for the Courts or Social Services to decide what your intentions were?

Are there other steps I need to take to protect my Estate if I’m getting divorced?

Yes. From setting up Trusts, to writing LPAs and planning your Estate, our expert Consultants can provide personalised advice, helping you to put arrangements in place to protect your Estate:

  • Protect those you care about when you die
  • Provide loved ones with the security they deserve
  • Specify who looks after your children and dependents
  • Specify who is gifted what

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