5 Questions to Help Your Loved One Write a Will

Last week we shared our thoughts on how to get a conversation started with a loved one about the importance of making a Will. Here are some more ideas to help you shape your conversation in a sensitive and responsible way … 

Dying without a Will causes so many problems for your family and loved ones, which is why most people agree that writing a Will is one of the most important things you can do to protect your loved ones after you are dead. There are so many benefits to making a Will, which we’ll remind you of in our next blog. Having just given you the key to starting a conversation about writing a Will though, we wanted to help you by sharing the five key questions you need to include in your conversation to ensure your loved one’s wishes are fully protected.

Before you start though, be sure to directly express your respect of other people's reluctance to talk about death, and ultimately demonstrate this respect by calmly and kindly ending the conversation if necessary. Don’t feel too bad if this does happen, as, in our experience, just bringing the subject up is often enough. We find that sometimes, having had someone bring this important topic into someone’s mind encourages them to take action the next time a life experience, a news story or even an episode of their favourite TV drama brings it back to mind.

If you are successful in getting the discussion started, here are five key questions to ask in your own way, maybe pointing out that they are all question that should be addressed in the writing of a Will – whether an online Will, a Will written by a professional Will writer, a DIY Will, a pair of Mirror Wills, a Single Will, a cheap Will or even a free Will – if it is to be a good Will …

5 Key Questions to Help Your Loved Ones Make a Will

  1. I really hope it doesn’t come to it, but, if you ever become very ill and are unable to make decisions, or communicate decisions, yourself, how would you like to be cared for?
  2. I’d love to know that I’m doing what you’d want me to do when the time comes, that I’m honouring your wishes. Have you thought about what you want to happen to your possessions when you die?
  3. It would be awful if someone organised a funeral for you that wasn’t true to your beliefs. Have you thought about what sort of a funeral you want?
  4. If there were ever an emergency, have you let those who need to know where to find your Will?
  5. If you ever need to go into care, do you know how the care will be paid for?

If your conversation goes well, why not send them a link to our Wills online templates? Or, if they’d prefer, arrange for an obligation free call with one of our parent company’s expert Will writers?


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