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Keep calm and carry on, despite manifesto mayhem

26 May, 2017

A message from our directors, urging customers to postpone any rearranging of estate plans based on manifesto promises ...

The Way of the Will

23 May, 2017

If any of these 7 things happen to you – you need to write or update your Will.

What Can You Do To Keep Everyone Happy After You Die?

16 May, 2017

Last week was Dying Matters Awareness Week. Our consultants had lots #WhatCanYouDo conversations with clients.

5 Reasons to Buy your Will online

08 May, 2017

Research reveals that 76% of the UK population has thought about getting a Will but not actually got around to doing so.

How will my family know where my Will is when I die?

03 May, 2017

When you take out an Active Wills’ Will online, you are given the option to store it in our secure facility.

What is Probate and what are the planned fee changes?

13 April, 2017

Update on planned changes to probate fees ...

What Happens if You Die Without a Will?

05 April, 2017

Did you know that 61% of the UK population does not have a Will?

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