Young, free and single? You still need a Will

Even if you are single, do not have children and do not own a house, writing a Will is still important. Here’s why …

Millenials are far too often maligned for their values and sense of responsibility. Here at ActiveWills we see plenty of evidence of this generation actually having their heads screwed on pretty well. Indeed, we’ve recently seen an increase in clients aged under 30, who are unmarried and without a family or a home of their own.

We think one reason for the increase in millennials writing a Will online is that they are far more comfortable with technology than are previous generations. They also appreciate the affordability and flexibility of our online Will writing template (online Wills are so much easier – and cheaper – to update than paper Wills, and they’re unlikely to remain young, free and single forever, so will need to update their Will as their life situations change).

Recent publicity around digital legacies is also driving awareness within this younger generation. If you die unexpectedly, do you want your family to be able access your social media accounts (in our experience, some people do – useful information could be deemed from your online life if your death is suspicious; others do not – they’d really rather their family did not know about their online dating history!)

Many are writing Wills through workplace employee benefit schemes, ensuring they choose who their pensions will be passed on to should they die (such schemes often include Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) too, ensuring that they have chosen who will make decisions on their behalf about finances, health and welfare if they become medically incapable of doing so themselves.)

Perhaps the impact of Remember a Charity week also engaged this socially conscious generation? The increased awareness around what happens when you die without a Will, may have hit home.

Are you a young, free and single person? Do you want to ensure your possessions, savings, pension and belongings go to the people you choose, rather than those that the courts will designate rightful heirs? Do you want to make sure your digital legacy is managed how you would like?

Why not start making a Will online now? For an action that takes ten minutes on average, costs just £9.99 and results in a document you can easily update online as your circumstances change, it’s not such a hard decision really, is it?

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