5 Reasons Dying Without a Will Should Not be an Option

Recently we’ve shared 5 Tips for Getting A Conversation Started About Writing a Will and 5 Questions to Help Your Loved One Write a Will. Here are 5 reasons one client decided that dying without a Will (dying intestate) should not be an option for her family members…

What happens when you die without a Will is well documented, yet, according to a YouGov poll, almost two thirds of people in England and Wales will die intestate (without a Will) unless – of course -  they get round to writing a Will before they die. 

The failure of so many of us to write a Will may be because of deeply held cultural attitudes or beliefs leading to awkwardness around the topic of death. We’re simply not comfortable talking about death so talking about Wills is also a taboo. 

This at least is one explanation explored recently by a Honey Group (our parent company) client and one of their expert Will-writing consultants, who, together, came up with these five reasons to talk to loved ones about the benefits of writing a Will. 

  1. Talking to a loved one about making a Will – yours or theirs – provides an opportunity to discuss your or their wishes regarding end of life care. This removes any potential doubt or guilt about difficult decisions when the time comes. It ensures wishes are honoured.
  2. Talking to a loved one about writing a Will also brings up the opportunity to talk about a funeral plan. This takes out the guesswork — and associated stress — of planning a funeral whilst dealing with the trauma of loss.
  3. Talking to a loved one about making a Will ensures that there are no nasty surprises, such as unexpected fees to pay (from settling mortgage to probate costs to Inheritance tax) when the time comes.
  4. Talking to a loved one about writing a Will, if your loved one goes on to do so, whether by using ActiveWills’ online Will template or getting a Honey Group Will writing professional to help, saves everybody tremendous time, costs and stress in the long run.  People benefit so much from having the clarity that comes with a Will regarding their loved one’s wishes.
  5. Talking to a loved one about making a Will brings peace of mind to all concerned once a Will is in place.

We leave the last words to Honey Group’s client, who chooses to remain anonymous:

“Having written my own Will the sudden realisation of how much future confusion, not to mention unnecessary grief, I was protecting my family from, was very powerful. I got to thinking that dying without a Will should simply not be an option for the rest of my family so decided to share my thoughts with them. 

“I explained how I was originally motivated to write my own Will when I realised that if I didn’t my estate would be divided up according to the archaic intestacy rules, meaning my common law partner would get nothing, and neither would my stepchildren. I also shared my realisation of these further benefits too, and of the incredible sense of peace I experienced once I’d done the deed and written my Will.

“They all thanked me for making them aware of the importance and potential ease and affordability of making a Will and agreed – dying without a Will should not be an option …”

Dying without a Will need not be an option for you and your loved ones. Completing our online Will template takes just 10 minutes and costs £9.99 for a Single Will and £19.99 for a pair of Mirror Wills. Or, if you would prefer not to write your Wills online, you can arrange a no obligation, free home visit from an experienced Will writing expert from Honey Group.


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