DIY Wills (with no hidden costs)

Australian law firms are issuing warnings about the hidden cost of DIY Wills following the publication of a national study reporting that 11% of Australian testators prepared their Will using a hard copy or an online Will writing template and 5% drew their Will up themselves. 

We reported on similar concerns in the UK, expressed in The Guardian in our July post, The Danger of DIY Wills. We also pointed out a middle path, which removes all the risks of DIY Will writing: making a Will online using our template, which was created in conjunction with an SRA registered solicitor and can be further reinforced with our full legal check service.

Real life case studies of people whose DIY Wills have cost their families time and money and proven useless in protecting their wishes make great news stories and are easy enough to find. It’s just as easy – if not easier – to find case studies of people who have created their own online Wills using online Will templates such as ours, and have saved their family time, money and anxiety. These, however, are nowhere near as emotive and seldom shared by mainstream media. Perhaps they should be? Let us know what you think, especially if you are a client with a story you’re happy to share!

Still concerned about the hidden costs of DIY Wills?

If you are at all concerned about the risks of an online Will template, take a look what some of our customers say about us. Consider too using our full legal checking service. For a fee of just £35, one of our Will writing experts can check that the Will is legally valid and highlight areas of potential concern based on the information provided.


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