What if Prince had Written a Will?

Last month, just over a year since the tragic death of the iconic musician Prince, the courts decided that his siblings would inherit his $200m (£153m) estate. More than 45 people filed claims to this estate and the rightful heirs (according to the law) will have to wait at least another year until they get their share, to give those who claimed to have rights to a share time to appeal.

Is this what you want to happen to your family and loved ones when you die?

No? It probably wasn’t what Prince would have wished for either. 

If only he’d got round to making a Will, so much heartache, ongoing uncertainty and expense could have been avoided and advice could have been given to ensure the huge Inheritance Tax (IHT) bill that will need to be settled before his siblings received their share is fair.

Only 39% of people in the UK have got around to making a Will in spite of the growing awareness of the importance of Will writing and the ease and speed of doing so with services such as Active Wills online. Our online Will writing template is based on a solicitor’s best practice template and supported by our experienced, expert Will writers. Costing just £19.99 for a Single Will and £29.99 for two Mirror Wills, Active Wills also gives you the opportunity to have your Will legally checked by one of our expert Will writers for just £35. It’s £35 well worth spending as we are trained to identify ways in which you can protect your assets whilst you are alive to ensure that your loved ones are looked after and taxed fairly when you die.

Who will inherit your estate when you die?

If you, like Prince, do not get round to writing a Will, the courts with use archaic intestacy rules to decide who will inherit your estate when you die.  Want to know who’d inherit yours? Try our intestacy quiz to find out.

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